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  • Women’s Surgical Center v. Reese (Georgia Supreme Court). Amicus brief in support of petitioners on behalf of scholars of certificate-of-need laws.

  • 616 Croft Ave., LLC v. City of West Hollywood (US Supreme Court). Amicus brief in support of cert. petition on behalf of scholars of land use regulation. 2017.

  • Colon Health Centers of America, LLC v. Hazel (4th Circuit). Amicus brief in support of appellants on behalf of health economics and scholars of law and economics. 2015.


January 2015 – Present

Adjunct Professor - Scalia Law School at George Mason University

  • LAW 289: Perspectives on Regulation
  • LAW 624: State Attorneys General Seminar

May 2015 – Present

Adjunct Professor - Economics Department, George Mason University

  • ECON 470: Economics of Regulation


& Education

March 2017 – PResent

Director, Technology Policy Program

Mercatus Center at George Mason University

  • Lead a team of seven researchers and support staff focused on researching the intersection of public policies, technology, and innovation.
  • Develop and execute the team’s vision and mission, manage an annual research budget of approximately $50,000, and coordinate with our communications, outreach, and media teams to ensure consistent understanding and messaging of our research.
  • Represent the organization’s research and priorities before policymakers, media, donors, and the general public at both public and private briefings.
  • Conduct research on regulation, emerging technology, and competition with a focus on topics such as transportation, antitrust, and reform of state and federal administrative agencies.

August 2014 – MArch 2017

Senior Research Fellow (Promoted From Research Fellow in Oct. 2016)

Mercatus Center at George Mason University

  • Named to Forbes 30 under 30 list for law and policy.
  • Contributor at The Hill.
  • Published eight journal articles and released more than 30 policy briefs covering topics such as regulation, the sharing economy, telecommunications, aviation, administrative agencies, and the First Amendment.
  • Authored more than 50 opinion pieces in outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, National Review, The New York Post, USA Today, and The Washington Post.
  • Drafted three amicus briefs filed with the US Supreme Court, Georgia Supreme Court, and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Briefed congressional offices and state legislators on issues related to regulation, health care, antitrust, aviation, telecommunications, occupational licensing, craft brewing, and the future of work.
  • Spoke to numerous universities and student groups about regulation and innovation.

MAy 2013 – August 2014

Program Manager, Project for the Study of American Capitalism

Mercatus Center at George Mason University

  • Expanded the project’s research portfolio from 5 projects to over 50 projects in process.
  • Coordinated with the project’s director, as well as research, communications, outreach, and media teams to prioritize research, commission projects based on our priorities, and ensure high-quality, policy-relevant research products.

August 2012 – MAy 2013

Research Assistant

Mercatus Center at George Mason University

  • Supported the research fellows for the Project for the Study of American Capitalism and the Financial Markets Working Group by conducting data collection, completing literature reviews, and drafting reports on issues such as financial regulation, state economic development programs, agriculture policy, state constitutional law, and measuring degrees of competitiveness in various regulated industries.
  • Designed a nation-wide survey to measure how small banks were affected by the Dodd-Frank Act, which was ultimately used as the basis for a report on regulatory reforms.


August 2012 – January 2013

Law Clerk

Republican Governors Association

  • Assisted the general counsel, which include First Amendment and campaign finance litigation in Vermont.
  • Drafted briefings and memoranda on developments in campaign finance and election law.

MAY 2014

LL.M., Law and Economics, Scalia Law School at George Mason University

MAY 2012

J.D. (cum laude), Ave Maria School of Law

  • Associate Editor (2011-2012), Ave Maria Law Review
  • Associate Member (2010-2011), Ave Maria Moot Court Board

MAY 2009

B.A., American History, Hanover College